Stylish space for Sunyard 06 February 2013

February 6, 2013
Stylish space for Sunyard 06 February 2013

Sunyard, a growing organisation involved in the distribution of linen and towels, are enjoying their new building in Dandenong South.

Corplex, working closely with the architect of their choice, has produced a warehouse that can be used for the storage of large amounts of imported linen, before being dispersed to a variety of companies, including Hotels, Hospitals and the Army.

The building itself is impeccable. The 2,014 square metre facility is styled with a blend of dark shades, encompassing a striking red trim, which adorns the facade. The interior is inviting, using neutral colours and creating a natural environment. The warehouse has multiple loading docks and can accomodate a large amount of storage, which is beneficial to a growing company.

In addition to this state of the art facility Corplex has built an alternative 2,600 metre square building alongside their new establishment, which will be used as an investment for the coming years.

The team at Sunyard are extremely pleased with their new facility, and Corplex wishes them the best as they continue with the rest of their ongoing endeavours.