Safety & Environment

Corplex is committed to achieving the highest standards of safety and environmental excellence.

This is achieved by adherence to relevant Australian Standards, Industry Codes and Statutory requirements, supported by the systematic implementation of the continual improvement process, and proactively encouraging a culture of inclusion, consultation and transparency.

The driver of this is a dynamic Integrated Management System which is certified to the standards ISO45001 for Occupational Health and Safety, ISO 14001 for Environmental Management and ISO 9001 for Quality Management Systems. The Corplex Integrated Management System is routinely audited, both internally and externally, against the toughest criteria to ensure that it functions effectively in assisting Corplex deliver the best possible safety, environment and quality outcomes for all of our stakeholders.



Corplex is committed to maintaining workplace environments that are safe and free of risks to health. We achieve this with:

  • A team of dedicated Health & Safety professionals backed by Executive level support for the safety process;
  • Ensuring safety is an integral consideration throughout all phases of the Design and Construct process;

  • Achieving Stakeholder engagement through effective communication of safety policies, procedures and expectations;
  • Ensuring Corplex staff have the necessary skills and training to be proactive drivers of a positive safety culture; and
  • Implementing a comprehensive safety auditing, reporting and corrective action regime which is honest and delivers results.



Corplex is committed to maintaining systems of work that are in line with legislative environmental requirements and with community expectations. We achieve this by:

  • Maintaining an Environmental Management System that is certified to the International Standard ISO 14001:2004;
  • Ensuring that materials selection, waste minimisation and recycling, are key considerations throughout the Design and Construct process;
  • Effectively communicating to our stakeholders, the importance Corplex places on an environmentally conscious building process; and
  • Ensuring that environmental protection considerations are integral to our auditing, reporting and corrective action process.