How Do We Help Deliver Your Vision?

Corplex is renowned as a premium supplier of cost effective and timely projects. Forged through our professionalism and years of experience within the industry, we are proud of our reputation for constructing modern, environmentally responsible, and cost effective developments that meet our client’s needs. 

When you partner with Corplex, you can be assured that we have a proven system that works. From the initial meeting, throughout the construction process and beyond, our personable approach to constructing your project ensures that we deliver on our promises.

Client Brief

Our sales and client management team have a thorough understanding of what we need to gather in order to deliver upon your vision. This means a clear comprehension of building methodology, a commercial acumen and understanding of building codes and regulations.

Project Establishment and Construction

Our dedicated and highly skilled project team can create the foundation to a cost-effective and timely project from its inception. We know the clearest path to take to make your project a success, reducing waste of valuable time and effort once the building program is underway. From there, the same team will manage the day-to-day project needs with expert finesse. We fine tune the project plan as needed, to ensure we adapt to changes or unforeseen circumstances. Our aim is to manage your project, not our bottom line.

Beyond the build

We continue to monitor the success of your project beyond the handover stage and prioritise not only your satisfaction with your building, but our ongoing relationship with you. With a defects and warranty period of 12 months, any issues that are related to our workmanship are our problem, not yours. This goes for every project you will complete with us.