How Do We Help Deliver Your Vision?

Our professional approach, industry knowledge and years of experience in industrial building construction have earned us a reputation as a premium supplier of cost effective and timely solutions for our clients. We are proud to be renowned as an industrial builder that consistently constructs buildings that are modern, environmentally responsible, cost effective, meet all of our client’s needs, and are delivered on time as promised.

Our offer to you as a valued client is:

  • Project and building construction management;
  • Construction programme administration;
  • On site client meetings;
  • Sustainability management;
  • Quality and OH&S program development and control;
  • Supplier and industrial builder coordination;
  • Office fitouts and refurbishments; and
  • As built drawings and manuals.

Corplex has proven its capability and experience in all aspects of industrial and commercial building construction in Melbourne, having delivered more than 300 industrial construction projects for a diverse range of clients, from office and warehousing to local government and recreational facilities.

Client Brief

We establish your needs from the get go. Our sales and client management team have a thorough understanding of what we need to gather in order to produce a building you will enjoy for many years. This means a clear comprehension of building methodology, a commercial acumen and understanding of building codes and regulations.

Your project lifecycle

When you partner with Corplex to deliver your dream project, you know that we have a proven system that works. Our approach to Project Management is in line with our ISO accreditations and our wealth of experience in the industry. We know what is required to ensure your project needs are captured and ultimately met.

Project Establishment

Your project begins when you first meet with us or request a quote. With this in mind, our dedicated and highly skilled project team can create the foundation to a timely project, that is delivered on budget, from its inception. We know the clearest path to take to make your project a success, reducing waste of valuable time and effort once the building program is

Construction Management

With all hands on deck (and you will meet every team member involved in your project), our team manage the day-to-day project needs with expert finesse. We fine tune the project plan as needed, to ensure we adapt to changes or unforeseen circumstances. Our aim is to manage your project, not our bottom line.

Beyond the build

Your project is our project. That means we continue to monitor its success beyond the handover stage. With a defects and warranty period of 12 months, any issues that are related to our workmanship are our problem, not yours. This goes for every project you will complete with us.