Lighting up the future for LED Technologies

November 13, 2012
Lighting up the future for LED Technologies

LED technologies have become market leaders in terms of lighting up the world. With major distributors Australia wide and throughout Europe and Asia, LED technologies have won awards for their products and have set the benchmark for many firsts within the industry.

Their range of commercial and residential products have the ability to aid a variety of customers. The quality and purity of LED technologies sets them apart from their competition, whose white lights often have elements of blue, red or green. In order to help this growing organisation, Corplex have shed some light on their future by finishing their new building in Bundoora.

The location of their building is positioned perfectly in an evolving business community. The facility itself is timeless; finished with a classic colour scheme of neutral tones that will stand the test of time, and encompassing glass windows and panels, giving the structure and open feel.

These design elements extend throughout the entire structure. The warehouse boasts a stylish painted floor and customised tinted glass roller doors in leiu of standard. All tailored to match the modern external façade.

With it’s innovative and flawless design, LED technologies are pleased with their building, and Corplex wishes them success in the ‘bright’ future awaiting them.