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Fife Capital Time-Lapse

09 January 2018

The new development on the extensive 100,000m2 site includes three single-storey offices and two double-storey offices, as well as a 9000m2 breezeway between the two warehouses. The project also incorporates 22 loading docks, 10 dock levelers, an external weighbridge, and a skybridge that joins the main office and warehouse, constructed with Kingspan panels and exposed internal steelwork. The project also required an upgrade to the Hume Hwy traffic intersection to accomodate the logistics operations of the trucks entering and leaving the building, and a future conveyor system will be installed for transport of goods between the storage and loading warehouses.
The footage accentuates the amount of work that went into bringing this project to fruition, and the tennants just like us here at Corplex are thrilled with the overall development.


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Fife Time-Lapse



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