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Fundamental steps to ensure your project has a strong foundation

09 September 2014

Embarking on a new construction project can be a daunting task so selecting the right construction company for you is imperative.

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Corplex - Celebrating a decade in construction

26 August 2014

In May 2014 the passionate team at Corplex marked a significant milestone in the company’s history.

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From modest beginnings to monumental success

08 August 2014

Considered innovative market leaders, Nine Mile Fresh is at the forefront of the apple growing industry.

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Corplex Celebrating the 2014 Mid Year Dinner

31 July 2014

It's that time of year!

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Krueger takes competitive edge in the West

08 July 2014

Krueger takes competitive edge in the West

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New contract awarded - Medical centre / Apartment building (Berwick)

01 July 2014

Medical Centre / Apartment building (Berwick)

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Project update

20 June 2014

Kingfield Galvanizing

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Construction journey for Land Transport

18 June 2014

Construction journey for Land Transport

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The Marby

10 June 2014

Inner city living & riverside escape!

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Building handover - Honda

29 May 2014

Building handover!

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Kingfield Galvanising – Project update

14 May 2014

The structural steel at Kingfield Galvanising in Somerton has been progressively going up over the last few weeks.

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Corplex celebrates a decade in construction!

09 May 2014

The month of May has been an exciting time for the team at Corplex.

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Dealership showrooms takes centre stage in Caroline Springs

01 May 2014

Nissan, Kia, Honda and Hyundai..

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Corplex's third car dealership – Kia

11 February 2014

Corplex handed over the keys to its third installment of a total of four car dealerships in Caroline Springs.

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Tulla to Port- We're moving!!!

10 February 2014

We're moving to our new Headquarters!

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Customer Testimonials

"The value in working collaboratively with Corplex as project partners meant that pricing and variation adjustments simply became a part of the conversations we had. Corplex always conducted themselves ethically therefore we had the ultimate trust in what was supplied to us at every stage".

Gary Deer – National Operations Manager Gallagher Australia
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